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Grand Wash Auto is proud to be recognized as an environmentally friendly, Green Business and a Certified Sustainable Business.

We are committed to environmental protection and water conservation. Recycling, water management and using only biodegradable chemicals are among our top priorities.

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Grand Wash Auto features the most advanced car wash technology in the world, including water recycling and purification systems

Our water recycling and water conservation has been based on world’s best practice. We treat and re-use up to 100% of the water in the carwash, this saves many thousand litres of fresh water per year. We use far less fresh water than most car washes, restaurants, and other water users, and consequently far less into our sewer.

With advanced purification, high speed filtration and separation, plus the use of reverse osmosis treatment, Grand Wash Auto is able to clean your vehicle much better than traditional carwashes which rely on fresh water only. Grand Wash Auto has installed a 250,000 litre reclaim system in the treatment and conservation of rain water harvest. Our 100% water reclaim treatment system in which bacteria digests and recycle the waste water is a recent innovation in car wash technology.

Grand Wash Auto’s cleaning solutions are safe and gentle for your car, but they pack an incredible cleaning punch. All of our solutions are tested, certified and 100% biodegradable. Everything we use is returned to the environment safely. Grand Wash Auto does not use any acids or corrosive materials.

Grand Wash Auto uses the latest neoprene microfilm material which outperforms older cloth and bristle brushes, that hold dirt and water traditionally used in the cashwash industry.

The light and gentle characteristics of the neoglide material will glide effortlessly over your car, polishing and brightening your vehicles surface.

Grand Wash Auto uses sophisticated computerised controls with outputs adjustable to the fraction of a millimeter. Our electric motors are designed to maximize energy conservation. Our demand on power has been further reduced with the installation of a 79kw solar power system.

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Get $5 off premium wash

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T&C's Apply - Limit of 1 code per customer/mobile number.
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