Grand Wash Auto Thornbury knows how important fundraising is!

We have created a car wash fundraising program to assist non-profit organisations around Melbourne including; schools, sporting groups, religious groups, service groups and local community groups that will get the most out of their fundraising efforts.


Every organisation relaises that, if there is one sure-fire way to strengthen your relationship with supporters, it’s by offering a quality service that provides them true value for their contribution.

  1. We set up a code that is specific to your organisation
  2. Every time that code is used, $5 from every premium wash comes back to your organisation.
  3. The fundraising campaign will run for 3 months from your selected commencement date.
  4. Funds raised are transferred into your nominated account at the campaigns conclusion.


Grand Wash Auto marketing kits are available to help your organization promote the program. The kit includes flyers, email templates and key tags.  The great thing is that almost everyone needs a car wash sooner or later... So let's get started!

Raise funds for your school or club with Grand Wash Auto


More washing means more money for your organisation. No limit to how much you can raise.

60 *washes = $300 donation

100 *washes = $500 donation

300 *washes = $1,500 donation

*Based on Premium Wash (price subject to change)

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terms & Conditions

  1. Grand Wash Auto's Fundraising prorgram allows one application per organisation each year
  2. Participation requires approval from both Organisation and Grand Wash Auto.
  3. GRAND WASH AUTO will endeavor to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any personal information, which we hold. Personal information is stored in our secure servers or secure files. Generally, we hold personal information of clients, partners, customers, GRAND WASH AUTO club members, sponsors, franchisees, debtors, creditors, candidates, etc in a combination of computer storage facilities and paper-based files.
  4. To cancel application, request in writing must be recieved by mail, by fax or by email.
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