Grand Wash Auto is a family owned business with a commitment to top quality service, convenience, consistency, and exceptional value drawing customers from all over town to our location.

Our goal is to provide a refreshingly positive car wash experience and change the way people view car washing. We represent a revolutionary development in exterior car washing.Grand Wash Auto is a fully automatic, 140ft express tunnel, ride-thru system supported by state-of-the-art equipment.

This computer controlled machinery is respectful to both your car's finish and the environment, guaranteeing a safe, comfortable experience for all passengers and their vehicles

Grand Wash Auto offers the most comprehensive 100% guarantee in the car wash industry.

I have been using GWA for over 4 years on a weekly basis and cannot fault the service received. I get many compliments from colleagues commenting that my black car always looks so clean. No other car wash can compare

Ian - Kilsyth

Just moved to the area and experienced going through a tunnel car wash for the first time. Loved the concept and loved the experience. Will never have to get wet washing the car again!

Kieran - Alphington

It looks fantastic, state of the art, cutting edge technology. This will change the way we wash our cars. Car washing will never be the same. My car has been longing for this sort of treatment. Well done guys

Robert - Thornbury

Excellent value and service, good operating hours, excellently priced options. Facilities always clean and good opening hours.

Debbie - Ivanhoe