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Touchless vs Brush vs Soft Cloth Car Wash

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To soft cloth car wash or touchless car wash? It’s a question we get asked a lot here at Grand Wash Auto and for good reason; these methods come with their own pros and cons.

Given the p-word (read: pandemic) touchless car washes in Melbourne are only growing in popularity.

To make things easier to decide between the alternative approaches, we thought we’d break down the differences.

Touchless car wash

Touchless car washes have transformed the way the industry approaches cars.

Here, high-powered jets of pressurised water are mixed with cleaning agents to remove dirt and grim.

Nothing comes into contact with the vehicle apart from the water. This has improved efficiency, with some wash cycles taking as little as three minutes. It also removes the potential of damage and scratches in a wash.

Cons include:

  • Organic and inorganic compounds may not be removed,
  • Hard to reach areas, such as crevices, may not be treated thoroughly.

If you’re searching for a “touchless car wash near me” but are unsure of whether it’s the right wash method, reach out to us.

We’re committed to providing the best clean possible and would be happy to advise you on your options.

Soft cloth car wash

A soft wash car wash uses foam or felt cloths that apply gentle friction to remove grit and grime from a car.

They are not a new invention and have been around since the early days of cars.

As an approach, soft cloths are very thorough and can remove organic matter like bugs and bird poo easily from the surface of a car.

However, cons include:

  • Loose parts on cars can be damaged,
  • Car shine can be dulled,
  • Cars with oversized features — oversized tires and trucks — may not fit.

A wash that combines the best of both worlds

What if we told you Grand Wash Auto has come up with a way to combine the pros of both a touchless car wash and a soft cloth car wash?

That means we can provide a gentle wash for your car that’s not only thorough — but quick, easy and convenient.

We have done away with abrasive cloths and bristle brushes and instead use neoprene microfilm material in our soft washes.

Not only does it deliver a thorough wash it can also add some buff and shine to the vehicle in question.

Even better, dirt isn’t held onto in the strips, which won’t scratch the car.


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